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Our Daily Bread Publishing has announced the release of The Family Bible Devotional, Volume 2: Stories from the Gospels to Help Kids and Parents Love God and Love Others by author Sarah Wells—Available March 22, 2022, in paperback and eBook formats wherever books are sold.  How do you teach kids to love God and others? And another tricky question […]

Is your church preaching the Gospel or is it preaching humanism? I have had the opportunity to visit several churches in the past year. In some cases, I’ve been called to preach. In other instances, my wife and I just decided to visit. A handful warmed our hearts with the unadulterated preaching of the gospel. […]

Is your Church’s “theme for the year” really from God? As the New Year starts, churches in my country roll out themes for the year. Most of these themes are rolled out in vigils as churches cross into the New Year together. The themes are often things that God is saying to the local church […]

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