Welby shared his pride and excitement for his son at this new chapter in Peter.

Written by on July 9, 2024

The Most Reverend Justin Welby, the 105th Archbishop of Canterbury, recently attended an important ordination ceremony for a member of his family. According to social media posts by Welby, he was present at St. Mary Magdalen church in Bermondsey to witness his son Peter’s ordination as a priest.

Welby shared his pride and excitement for his son at this new chapter in Peter’s spiritual journey. In photographs from the ordination, Peter is seen laying hands on his father in a blessing, a powerful moment of transition for both men. As the leader of the Anglican Communion, Welby no doubt finds deep fulfillment in supporting his son’s calling to pastoral ministry within the church.

Peter Blessing his Father Archbishop Justin Welby

In his congratulatory message to Peter on social platforms, Welby expressed heartfelt wishes for God’s continued guidance in the years ahead. While serving as a father presents its own duties and trials,Welby has discussed navigating such responsibilities alongside his ecclesiastic role with empathy and wisdom cultivated over decades. Peter is surely strengthened by his father’s example of faithful service, as well as his blessings and encouragement upon entering this new phase of ordained life.

For the Welby family, moments like ordinations represent celebrations of both individual purpose and collective legacy within the Anglican tradition. As Archbishop, Justin Welby has undoubtedly impacted countless lives through his leadership. In Peter’s ordination and ministry, one sees the hopeful fruits and future that can grow from such dedicated spiritual guidance within a family. Both father and son will doubtless draw upon this experience in their respective callings to shepherd God’s people with care, inspiration and joy.

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