The story behind the hymn “Forty Days and Forty Nights” takes us back to the time of Jesus Christ’s ministry on Earth. It was during his time in the wilderness that this hymn finds its inspiration. According to the Gospel accounts, Jesus, after his baptism by John the Baptist, was led by the Holy Spirit […]

In the 1970s, Keith Getty was a young Christian living in Northern Ireland during the height of “The Troubles.” As violence escalated between Protestants and Catholics, fear and uncertainty gripped the nation. One night, as bombs exploded nearby, Keith found himself contemplating the book of Hebrews in the Bible. Chapter 11 recounts the faith of […]

The Kendrick Brothers—Alex, Stephen, and Shannon—are an accomplished trio of Christian filmmakers. Originally from Albany, Georgia, the brothers grew up attending church and developed a love of storytelling. In 2002, Alex and Stephen directed their first feature film, Flywheel, on a tiny $20,000 budget. Shot in their hometown, the low-key drama explored themes of redemption. […]

Each year on February 13th, radio stations around the globe come together to celebrate World Radio Day. But how did this commemorative day come about? In 2011, the member states of UNESCO voted unanimously to establish February 13th as World Radio Day. They chose this date as it marks the day that United Nations radio […]

We start looking at families that are in the music industry and singing together. Todays feature is the Winans. The Winans, an R&B contemporary African American crossover gospel quartet, was created from the musical Winans family of Detroit, Michigan. They were discovered by the legendary Gospel composer Andraé Crouch, who signed them to Light Records […]

This month we embark on stories behind hymns and today we look at more about Jesus. Eliza Hewitt (1851-1920) wrote this song as she was studying the promises of God that had been fulfilled in Jesus Christ. The more she studied, the more excited she became as she saw Scripture fulfilled in every aspect of […]

On this weekly feature of Getting to know people we continue with the Winans and today we look at Bebe Winans. Benjamin “BeBe” Winans was born September 17, 1962 and is an American gospel and R&B singer. He is a member of the noted Winans family, most members of which are also gospel artists. Winans has released nine albums, seven with his sister CeCe as BeBe […]

What does it mean to evaluate your pastor? It is an open secret: Christian pastors struggle. Many are worn out and frequently fatigued. Many suffer from discouragement. Many desire more constructive feedback to help them channel their energies and properly discharge their calling. This raises some questions. Who is overseeing their time, priorities, and ministerial expectations? […]

In 2002, I discovered a 1927 lecture by Bertrand Russell entitled “Why I am Not a Christian”. It did not cross my mind, as I read it, that one day, nearly a century after he delivered it to the South London branch of the National Secular Society, I would be compelled to write an essay […]

I Saw Three Ships {Come Sailing In} is a traditional and popular Christmas carol from England. The hymn was published in 1833 by William Sandys in his book, Christmastide: Its History, Festivities And Carols.   However, it is believed that earlier versions may have been around from the 17th Century. Other sources believe the hymn originated […]

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