“Evangelism” can be an intimidating word for some people — but not actor T.C. Stallings. Stallings, who will star in the highly anticipated faith film “No Vacancy” premiering in theaters May 9, 2022, has spent most of his life speaking boldly about faith — and that hasn’t changed in Hollywood. “What makes it easy for me [to […]

Kenya-based worship leader and gospel musician Evelyn Wanjiru is expecting her first child after 10 years of prayer and waiting. Evelyn, who visited Uganda in 2019 to minister at the Viga Music Awards, announced Tuesday that together with her and her husband Agundabweni Akweyu, they have “been waiting for this season for 10 years” in […]

Sometimes I feel like an impatient child wanting to cry at God, “Are we there yet?” When prayers go up year after year and answers don’t seem to come down, I get frustrated. Does God even care that I’m waiting? Why doesn’t He move faster? Because we are mortals, trapped between time and space, efficiency […]

Kristy McPherson is an LPGA Tour player who has had 17 career top-10 finishes in her 19-year career. She played college golf at the University of South Carolina and earned seven victories in her four-year college career. She was awarded the 2002 Honda Inspiration Award, which is given to a collegiate athlete “who has overcome […]

Mental health can be tough to talk about. No one likes to admit to struggling or feeling weakness, but it is a very real part of life. In a recent interview with “Good Morning America” gospel singer Mandisa opened up about her new book, “Out of the Dark: My Journey Through the Shadows to Find God’s […]

When a part of Christ’s body leaves—even if only for a time—it can feel awkward for everyone. So how do we help people who’ve returned feel welcome at church again? TRUST GOD TO BE LORD OVER OTHERS’ SPIRITUAL LIVES—WHETHER THEY SHOW UP ON SUNDAYS OR NOT Our children’s ministry director, an old friend, listened carefully […]

Despite the distractions and difficulties, there are some practical steps you can take to build — and grow — a biblical perspective for you and your family. Check out these six Bible verses that each helps us navigate what it means to be bolder in our beliefs. “Come near to God and he will come […]

The power of gratitude is the ability to see the good. More specifically, a grateful person is free to see the good. When we give thanks, our eyes are opened and our hearts can understand. Simply having eyes doesn’t guarantee sight. Eyes must be opened in order to see. The reason we often don’t see things correctly is that […]

Ex-porn star Joshua Broome is now a husband, father and pastor, sharing his journey out of the adult film industry. Broome opened up on his “Counterfeit Culture Podcast” about his relationship with his wife, Hope, who appeared alongside him to talk about their love story. He discussed how the two met and how Hope, a […]

One of the toughest things in life is realizing that the world doesn’t always center around us and that we each have to take steps to be better people. For Christians, this means following God and seeking His heart. Here are just five prayers to consider as you embark on life’s journey: Create In Me […]

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