Today we look at the story of the hymn Higher Ground. Johnson Oatman Jr. (1856–1922) was one of the most prolific gospel songwriters of his day—with some 7000 texts to his credit. Hymnary.org includes more than 1,150 texts found in various collections. “There’s not a friend like the lowly Jesus” (“No, Not One”) was the most […]

“The Comforter Has Come” is a hymn that was written by Francis Bottome. It is a song that celebrates the presence of the comforter, the Holy Spirit. Christ promised to send the Holy Spirit when he left earth. John 14:26 “But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, […]

Frances Ridley Havergal (1836-1879) was an unusually gifted and passionate saint. The daughter of a church rector, she was raised in Worcester, England, and attended schools in England and Germany. In her love of learning, she grew to become an able scholar (even becoming proficient in both Hebrew and Greek) and a talented singer and […]

He was a professor in the School of World Mission at Fuller Theological Seminary where he taught courses in the history of missions to career missionaries. James Edwin Orr was born in 1912. His education includes earned doctorates from universities in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America, including the Doctor of Philosophy from Oxford University and […]

The hymn, Almost Persuaded, was suggested to P. P. Bliss after hearing a sermon by Mr. Brundage, who, as he finished his discourse, said, He who is almost persuaded is almost saved, and to be almost saved is to be entirely lost. In the Scripture, King Agrippa said to apostle Paul: Almost thou persuadest me […]

From the grateful heart of a devoted Italian monk in the year 1225 came this beautiful message. As a great lover of nature, Saint Francis of Assisi saw the hand of God in all creation. He demonstrated through his own life all the tender, humble, forgiving spirit and absolute trust in God that his hymn […]

I know I can’t be the “perfect parent,” but I’d like to be. I want to teach my kids a million things — everything from how to read, ride a bike, take care of their bodies, and balance their finances. I want to say all the right things, discipline just the right amount so that […]

Rev. E. P. Scott was a missionary to India. One day he saw on the street a man of so strange an appearance that he inquired about him and learned that he belonged to a wild mountain tribe among whom Christ had never been preached. Mr. Scott prayed over the matter and decided to visit […]

Attorney Horatio Spafford and his wife, Anna, had a wonderful family of four daughters. Tragically, the great Chicago fire destroyed most of his business in 1871. Then, two years later, his wife and daughters were aboard the ocean liner Ville du Havre when it was struck by another vessel. All four daughters drowned. His wife survived and […]

“How long Pastor’s prayer is this morning,” thought Elvina Hall. Sitting in the choir loft, Elvina’s mind turned to our need for salvation and the price Jesus paid for it. Words began to form themselves. She had to get them down. But she had no paper. Well, that wasn’t quite true… Scribbling on the flyleaf […]

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