Story Behind the Hymn “All Hail The Power Of Jesus Name”

Written by on March 6, 2022

Rev. E. P. Scott was a missionary to India. One day he saw on the street a man of so strange an appearance that he inquired about him and learned that he belonged to a wild mountain tribe among whom Christ had never been preached.

Mr. Scott prayed over the matter and decided to visit that tribe. As soon as he reached their mountain home, he fell in with a savage band who were on a war expedition. They seized him and pointed their spears at his heart.

At once the missionary drew out the violin that he always carried with him, and began to play and sing in the native language, All hail the power of Jesus’ name! He closed his eyes, expecting death at any minute.

When he reached the third stanza, as nothing had happened, he opened his eyes, and was amazed to see that the spears had fallen from the hands of the savages, and big tears were in their eyes!

They invited Mr. Scott to their homes, and he spend two and a half years among them, winning many of them to Christ.

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