Koryn Hawthorne set to launch album dubbed “On God”

Written by on January 21, 2024

Koryn Hawthorne is set to launch album dubbed “On God” on the 9th of February 2024. She made the announcement one week ago on her instagram page.


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The album “On God” is available for pre order now “Cut Em Off “ is available now ! Koryn is super excited about this project that’s been 2 years in the making .

I’ve put my heart and real life into this album . It’s not pretty , it’s not perfect and it’s definitely not traditional. It’s real , it’s raw and it’s my testimony. said Koryn

Koryn Hawthorne is a talented and rising star in the music industry. Born on December 26, 1997, she hails from Abbeville, Louisiana. From a young age, Koryn displayed a passion for singing and performing, captivating audiences with her powerful vocals and undeniable stage presence.

Koryn Hawthorne has released two studio albums so far in her music career. Her debut album, “Unstoppable,” was released in 2018. This album features a collection of powerful and uplifting songs that showcase Koryn’s impressive vocal range and her ability to touch hearts with her soulful performances. Some notable tracks from “Unstoppable” include “Won’t He Do It,” “Speak the Name,” and “Reasons.”

In 2020, Koryn released her second album, titled “I Am.” This album further solidifies her unique style and artistry, blending gospel, R&B, and contemporary sounds. “I Am” is filled with empowering and faith-filled songs that inspire listeners to embrace their true selves and walk confidently in their purpose. Standout tracks from this album include “Pray,” “Know You,” and “Sunday.”

Both of Koryn Hawthorne’s albums have been well-received by fans and critics alike, earning her numerous accolades and nominations in the gospel music industry. With her powerful vocals, compelling lyrics, and unwavering faith, Koryn continues to make a name for herself as a rising star in the music industry, and fans eagerly anticipate her future releases.

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