Kalamba, Cradle of the African Inland Church.

Written by on January 23, 2022

Today’s tale takes us to the Eastern Region of Kenya, we are at the Cradle of the African Inland Church. The African Inland church was born out of the mission works of the African Inland mission under the leadership of one Peter Cameron Scott. He got his vision to start the African Inland Mission in Africa after visiting David Livingstone’s grave, an explorer and missionary respected and adored the world over.

The works of the inland mission began in 1895 in Kalamba Makueni County, a building was set up using local material. A year later, Peter died of Malaria, after setting up a few other missions across Kamba land. Another church building was erected with baked mud bricks, a tin roof, a foundation built on a boulder, and arches on the windows and doors in 1932 to replace the very first one that Peter and his fellow European evangelists had set up.

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