African Tour Tales

Today’s tale takes us to Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, which was known as the swampy lands back in the 1800s before the city’s development started during and after the completion of the railway line. We are looking at the Holy Family Minor Basilica cathedral, the Headquarters of the Catholic church in Kenya, and also […]

Today’s tale takes us to the Eastern Region of Kenya, we are at the Cradle of the African Inland Church. The African Inland church was born out of the mission works of the African Inland mission under the leadership of one Peter Cameron Scott. He got his vision to start the African Inland Mission in […]

Today’s tale involves a voice or God’s spirit named “wele wa Msambwa” Mount Elgon, a man who heard God’s voice called Masinde, and of course the colonialists. The Church Njoki Kahihu is talking about is known as the “Dini ya Msambwa” religion from the western part of Kenya with a majority of its followers from […]

It is not Christmas in Rwanda without Isombe, this is a meal consisting of mashed cassava leaves and green bananas cooked in tomato sauce. Here Christmas celebrations commence on the eve of Christmas and sidewalks are filled with people making their way to church, the night mass is filled with prayers and beautiful traditional Christmas […]

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