How Important Are You?

Written by on April 25, 2024

Hello Bloomers, What a great week it has been! so last time I got the opportunity to speak to you on the dangers of holding offense, Today I want us to talk about creation and God’s original plan for us. Yes we are going all the way back to Genesis .

Identity is one thing the devil will fight to come in between you and God’s purpose for you. Identity is the area that has proven to be  deficient in so many peoples lives ,how do I know all this you might ask? well I’ve had a fair share in the struggle of identity, you know the feeling of  not being enough to the point that you experiment different types of life’s so as to fill a void that honestly never gets filled. In today’s blog I want to speak of how important you are and I’ll give you identity titles that you ought to step into.

Late last week God gave me a clear understanding of creation and how much He loves us, in Genesis Chapter 1 Creation has been brought out so well, notice how God used “Let there be..” Genesis 1:1-25, to create the Heavens and the earth, Light and darkness, Water and Land, Birds, Sea and land creatures not only that he commanded the Land to be fruitful , but when it was man’s turn He said “LET US MAKE MANKIND IN OUR IMAGE….”Genesis 1:26-27 .

In   Genesis 2:7  God took dust and formed man and later He breathed life in man’s nostrils .When God created everything else He used word of mouth to command everything into existence, but when it was time create you and me ,God was ready to get His hands dirty IT WAS PERSONAL FOR HIM!  He formed us into His image using His hands and not only that He later finished by breathing life into our nostrils , We are the Lords perfect image.

I always ask myself why we had to be created last  if we were that important to Him, but in the same way He created the water bodies before the Sea creatures, is the same way He created  everything before us. He had to create our home before we ever came to existence. Heaven and everything on earth was created for us and not the other way around , you see we are not a box that God  needed to check so as to finish His creation, WE ARE THE ORIGINAL PLAN!! He made everything for us and not only that He did not rest until we had everything we needed; Each other, Food , Home , a part of Him , Day and Night  What more would we want ? What more would I want?

So what should we do when the devil says you are not enough:

Remind him YOU ARE GOD’S IMAGE Genesis 1:26 – What does it mean to be God’s image, here is an example for a better understanding, since you were born you have never seen how you look and who you look like , it is not possible to look at yourself unless you look at the mirror  to see a reflection of yourself, IMAGE. We are a mirror reflection of who God is. The devil trembles at the idea of who you could be when you step into God’s image, so what does he do?  he corrupts and honestly I wouldn’t blame because that is his work (to steal, kill and destroy) Be in a space of surrender whenever your identity is being attacked that is your job ,God will deal with the rest.

Remind him YOU ARE GOD’S MOST BELOVED John 13:23, John understood that Jesus loved him and took it as his identity he said ,”The disciple whom Jesus loved ” . Till date it is believed that John was Jesus’ favorite. That is how we ought step into God’s love, make it your identity and trust me the devil will not even dare get close because he knows whose you are.

In conclusion, allow God to define who you are and you will see a shift in your life, the root of most mental struggles is the distorted idea of ones identity . Remember you are not God’s side plan ,you are His original plan that is how important you are.




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