The Inspiring True Story Behind the New Film UNSUNG HERO

Written by on April 22, 2024

When Music and Family Collide

Australian Christian band for KING + COUNTRY are no strangers to sharing inspiring true stories through their music. Now, the remarkable tale that helped shape brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone is set for the big screen in their upcoming film Unsung Hero. Based on the challenging period their parents David and Helen Smallbone endured after their music company collapsed, Unsung Hero promises to touch hearts the world over with its message of faith, hope and love triumphing over adversity.

Moving to America for a Fresh Start

In the late 1990s, David’s successful music business fell apart, leaving the family of eight without an income. Faced with rebuilding from nothing, David made the courageous decision to relocate his pregnant wife Helen and their six kids from Australia all the way to the United States, where they knew no one. It was a huge leap of faith, but one that highlighted Helen’s steadfast optimism and resilience even in their darkest hour.

How One Mom’s Faith Inspired Others

Through the film, viewers will witness the Smallbone family’s journey struggling to find their way in a new country with no home, money or contacts. Directed by the brothers who grew up through it all, Unsung Hero shines a light on how Helen’s bold faith in God saw them through numerous challenges. Her relentless positivity became an inspiration for David as he worked to get their music dreams back on track.

An Uplifting Tale With Global Release

Unsung Hero is set for its US theatrical release on April 26, with screenings following across over 15 countries in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific. The global releases in May will allow audiences from Indonesia to South Africa the chance to be moved and motivated by one courageous mother’s story. It’s sure to resonate as a reminder that even in our deepest valleys, hope springs eternal when we keep our eyes fixed on Him.

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