Divine Miracles: A Testament of Healing and Hope in the Modern Age

Written by on June 12, 2024

It’s incredible how miracles can unfold before our eyes, even in the present day. In 2006, I, Bishop Steve Gitonga, received a life-changing diagnosis of bowel cancer, classified as second degree. Upon learning that the growth was malignant, I turned to my faith and fervently prayed to Jehovah Rapha, the God who heals, to intervene and destroy the swelling within me. A week later, I returned for a routine checkup, and to the astonishment of the doctor, no growth could be found. God had performed a miraculous healing without any medical intervention.

Fast forward to 2020, and my beloved wife found herself battling a multitude of health challenges. She had contracted Covid-19, suffered a second stroke, and was burdened with hypertension and high blood pressure. To make matters worse, she slipped into a coma while in the ICU for four agonizing days. The medical professionals informed me that due to the stroke, it was impossible to operate and remove the fluid in her lungs, leaving her with only two to three days to live.

In that desperate hour, I gathered my family through a video link, and together we embarked on a prayer session that lasted for one hour and twenty minutes. We approached our supplications scripturally, reminding God of His promises and pouring out our faith. As we concluded the prayer with a resounding “amen,” an unexpected miracle unfolded. My wife, who had been in a coma for four days, also uttered a clear “amen” in response.

A week later, the same doctor who had delivered the grim prognosis called me with astonishing news. He joyfully announced that my wife had been completely healed of Covid-19 and all the other ailments that had besieged her. They were now transferring her from the ICU to the general ward to continue with stroke therapy. Two months later, she was discharged from the hospital, and we were able to return to our home country of Kenya. Now, nearly five years have passed, and my wife not only lives but thrives, a testament to the glory of God.

I apologize for the length of this testimony, but I believe it is worth sharing to affirm that miracles are not confined to the pages of ancient history. They continue to occur in our time, reminding us of the power and faithfulness of the Living God. Let us praise Him with hearts full of gratitude and awe.

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