Hearing Gods Voice

Written by on October 9, 2023

Often, we question if we are hearing the voice of God. We even doubt if what we hear is God or our thoughts of how we would like things to be. Scripture describes God speaking to his people through a voice, an angel, or a dream. He even writes on a wall in one account (Daniel 5). It is natural to want to hear God’s voice or see a big sign that will help us feel confident in God’s direction. We all experience confusing circumstances. We may desire divine guidance in a textual message from God to direct us in our actions. When we feel he is far from us, we want that assurance that he is still there. God promises to lead us his children by his Spirit and enable us to know his voice. John 10:27 says, My sheep know my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we realize what God is saying in every situation. Therefore, we don’t have to go through life impulsively, making decisions or relying on our abilities.

John 10:27  “My sheep know my voice, and I know them, and they follow me”

God speaks audibly to his people. Remember Moses and the burning bush in Exodus 3. God came to Moses when he was herding sheep in the desert and told him to free his people from Egyptian oppression. Samuel was a child in the temple where God called him three times in 1 Samuel 3. Elijah in 1 Kings 19, where he is running from Jezebel and God speaks to him not through an earthquake or great wind but with a still small voice. All these are indications that God does speak to us. It is plain in his word that the more we seek him, the more we experience his presence in our lives. He never leaves us once we invite him into our lives.

In the Old Testament, we read of the Spirit of the Lord speaking to his people. When Jesus came, he said he would leave us a helper who teaches us and is the Spirit of truth. That is the Holy Spirit. The presence of the Holy Spirit in our life changes everything about hearing God’s voice. God speaks to us through his word written in the Bible. The Holy Spirit helps us to understand this word and reveal God-spoken truths about us. He also lays bare what we need to hear to lead a life that blesses God and his people.

God speaks through internal promptings of the Holy Spirit. John 14:26 says the Spirit teaches and helps to remember what God has done. The Holy Spirit prompts us to act in obedience to turn away from sinful things and reach out to the people around us for support. These internal promptings work together with the word of God. For the Lord is not the author of confusion but of peace (1 Corinthians 14:33). Therefore, the promptings should not bring hesitation in your life but peace.

How do we truly know that this is God’s voice we hear.? The number one thing is that it will align with scripture. When God speaks, it is always consistent with what he has said his word. We can fool ourselves into hearing what we want to hear. If you are unsure it is God’s voice, search it out in scripture. God is consistent, and he is persistent. He does not lose patience or give up on us. God is continually speaking to us. If we have not heard it the first time, the message will keep coming to us until we understand what he is saying and align with his will. God can also use others in the faith to affirm that he is speaking to us. Therefore, listen closely to those you hold in high regard in spiritual matters when they articulate a word of knowledge to you. Look into scripture for what they tell you as a confirmation of God speaking.

Numerous obligations are vying for our focus that fill our lives. Many of them are part of everyday life. We do not recognize that they come between us and God. Life can be busy with schedules, meetings, family, and others. However, we need to make time to listen to God. We do need a strategy to enable us to quiet down the noise and hear God. One of the things we need to practice is setting aside time for God in our everyday life. Quieting our minds and focusing on God’s word will enable us to hear God more clearly. Focusing on a small portion of scripture, reading it slowly and multiple times, helps the word to sink in and truly discern what God is saying in that word and how he wants us to apply it in our lives. The other strategy is spending time with other believers. As iron sharpens iron, so does one believer improve others. Meeting in small groups of believers helps us grow in God and learn how to hear God’s voice. God wants a relationship with us. He needs us to understand who he is and to recognize his voice. Let us pursue God with all our hearts and let the Holy Spirit teach us things concerning him, particularly hearing his voice. I encourage you to pick one strategy today as you begin learning to hear from God, and may the Holy Spirit lead you as you do this in the coming week. Be blessed

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