Story Behind the Hymn “Jesus Came Into My Heart.”

Written by on June 23, 2024

The lyrics to “Jesus Came Into My Heart” were written by Rufus H. McDaniel in 1983. McDaniel was a Baptist minister and songwriter from Texas.

The hymn expresses the personal experience of inviting Jesus Christ into one’s life and heart. The lyrics describe the moment of conversion and accepting Jesus as one’s Savior:

“Jesus came into my heart,
Came in to abide,
Made my heart His home,
In it He doth reside.”

The hymn emphasizes the transformative power of Jesus entering and dwelling within the believer’s heart and life. It reflects the evangelical Protestant theology of salvation through personal faith in Christ.

“Jesus Came Into My Heart” became a popular gospel and worship song, especially among Baptist and Pentecostal congregations in the 20th century. The hymn’s simple, heartfelt lyrics and message of surrendering one’s life to Christ resonated with many Christian believers.

The story behind this hymn reflects the importance of personal conversion experiences in many Protestant traditions. It remains a beloved expression of the joy and assurance found in accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior.

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