Bukayo Saka’s Faith Keeps Him Grounded Amid Rising Fame.

Written by on June 15, 2024

At just 21 years old, Bukayo Saka has already experienced more success than most footballers could dream of. representing his country at a major international tournament is an achievement in itself, but Saka made history at Euro 2020 by becoming the youngest Englishman ever to start a match in the semi-finals or later of a tournament. Now as the 2022 World Cup gets underway in Qatar, all eyes are on the Arsenal star as one of England’s brightest young talents.

However, amid the hype, pressure and growing fame, Saka remains remarkably grounded. As he wrote in a letter to his former primary school in 2020, “My faith is constantly being exercised when I’m put in different situations or I play in big football matches.” Having been raised in a devout Christian home and attending The Edward Betham Church of England Primary School, Saka’s faith provides an important anchor as his star continues rising.

God Answers My Prayers – That’s Why I Point to the Sky to Thank Him

Saka’s Christian faith is evident both on and off the pitch. Before every match, he prays to God, asking for help to “play well, help my team and try to score a goal or assist a goal.” And when things go his way on the field, Saka is quick to give thanks above, pointing to the sky in celebration. “God answers my prayers – that’s why I point to the sky to thank him” he has said of the role prayer plays before and after games.

Off the pitch, Saka’s Instagram provides glimpses into how central his faith remains. His bio simply reads “God’s Child” and posts often include captions thanking God, such as “God is GREAT” under a man of the match award. The frequent Bible verses and prayers shared indicate Saka finds strength, purpose and gratitude through his relationship with God on a daily basis.

A Polite, Modest and Impressive Young Man

Those who know Saka best attest to how his Christian upbringing continues shaping who he is. As his former head teacher Caroline Chamberlain told Premier Christianity, Bukayo was “a polite, modest and impressive young man” during his time at Edward Betham primary. Despite his rising fame, he has not let it change him or diminish his character.

Chamberlain was also heartened by the positive message Saka conveyed to pupils in his 2020 letter. By sharing how “a strong faith is powerful in helping you to achieve in whatever field you work in,” he inspired students that their dreams were attainable through dedication and placing their trust in God. Saka exemplifies living out virtues like humility, gratitude and service – proving fame does not have to corrupt when grounded by religious principles.

God’s Child

Religion clearly gives Saka perspective, purpose and peace beyond soccer. But his faith also seems to enhance his game. Regular prayer and scripture reading provide focus and confidence just before stepping onto the pitch. And the humility of acknowledging God for his talents may help Saka stay centered amid growing pressure and expectations as an England star.

Christian teammates Raheem Sterling and Marcus Rashford also credit their faith for guiding strong character both on and away from the field. Collectively, they represent a new generation of role models – praised more for decency, work ethic and challenging injustice than scandals. Their influence could help shift preconceptions that religious faith and elite athletics cannot coexist. For Saka, living out his identity as “God’s Child” serves as an inspiration both within and beyond the bounds of sport.

Before Every Game I Ask God to Help Me Play Well

The motto of Saka’s former primary school, Edward Betham, is 1 Corinthians 13:13 – “Faith, hope, and love; these three things will last forever, and the greatest of these is love.” Headmistress Chamberlain expanded on how the school aims to nurture pupils in character as much their education, rooted in “Christian hope.”

These foundations are clearly reflected in Saka himself. Through faith, he finds purpose, strength and gratitude greater than any accolade. And his humility, work ethic and caring nature shine through – whether campaigning against racism or simply motivating his former classmates. As England’s World Cup journey continues, the prayers of Saka’s family, friends and school community will be with him. Their faith keeps him grounded, while his perseverance and talent continue inspiring millions through the power of sport.

Faith, Hope And Love

Whatever happens for England against footballing powerhouse France this Saturday, one thing is for certain – Bukayo Saka’s star is only continuing to rise on the global stage. At just 21 years old, he already holds player of the year honors from Arsenal and was named in the Premier League team of the season in back-to-back years. But beyond trophies and medals, his devotion to faith provides an anchor as he navigates new heights of fame and responsibility.

As Saka said himself, “My faith is constantly being exercised.” It strengthens him to give his all while maintaining humility. And it inspires countless others that with prayer and perseverance, all things are possible. Whether celebrating on the pitch or staying grounded off it, his story shows how Christianity can empower lives and careers. For Saka, living out virtues like gratitude, service and speaking for others exemplifies the fruits of true faith. With role models like him, a whole new generation is being shown that on the global stage, faith and talent can coexist in harmony.

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