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One of the most famous hymns of thanksgiving, “We Gather Together” can trace its origins back to 16th century Netherlands. Composed as a Thanksgiving Day hymn, the lyrics were written in Dutch in 1597 by Adrianus Valerius. However, it was not set to music until 1626, when the melody was composed by Dutch composer Cornelis […]

Gospel Music Association hosted the ceremonial construction kick-off of the brand-new Christian & Gospel Music Museum at The Dove Center. The Christian & Gospel Music Museum at The Dove Center’s location will be 400 Commerce Street in downtown Nashville. Attending the event and providing special remarks included Tennessee’s Governor Bill Lee and Nashville’s Mayor Freddie O’Connell showing their support […]

Whether you follow golf throughout the year, or only during the big Masters Tournament, we as Christians can appreciate the athletes that support God. These golfers celebrate the Lord and practice their faith on the golf course. They choose to share their faith with their fans, knowing they have a large platform to spread God’s […]

In the rapidly growing community of post-WWII Nairobi, religious leaders saw an opportunity to model Christian cooperation. This spirit of ecumenism led to the founding of Lavington United Church in 1960. Response to a Changing City As Nairobi expanded in the 1950s with new European and African residents, small prayer groups formed around housing developments. […]

Tasha Cobbs Leonard has blessed millions with her anointed voice and heart for ministry. Let’s take a look at her profound journey from humble beginnings to global gospel influence. Early Life and Ministry Call Born in 1976 in Georgia, Tasha was immersed in church from youth. Though painfully shy, her tremendous singing talent was nurtured […]

The 2024 gathering of Anglican Primates in Rome presented a remarkable opportunity for ecumenical dialogue when Pope Francis received the group, including Archbishop Welby, at the Vatican. Shared Moments of Ministry Renewed Pope Francis fondly recalled joint activities with Archbishop Welby, like their 2023 Sudan trip, cementing the pope’s appreciation for Anglican-Catholic cooperation. Such experiences […]

All great leaders share certain traits that allow them to consistently develop and achieve at higher levels. These traits, or habits, can be learned and integrated to grow into a highly effective leader. Get Craig Groeschel’s easy-to-reference guide outlining eight of the habits great leaders have in common. Start applying them in your life and […]

The Primates’ Meeting 2024 will gather in Rome between April 26–May 3, hosted by The Anglican Centre in Rome. Primates will meet for Bible study, prayer, discussion and pilgrimage, visiting Holy sites in Rome. Bible Studies will be on the Book of Acts, focussing on leadership and what it means to share together in joint mission […]

Written in 1757, “Come Thou Fount” has blessed Christians for centuries with its poignant words of praise and plea for grace. But what inspired this masterpiece, and how did it come to be recorded for posterity? Origin in Personal Renewal: The hymn’s author, Robert Robinson, penned it during a time of spiritual revival in his […]

Introduction Basketball is globally one of the most popular sports, attracting die-hard fans and players alike. However, for some coaches, the game is about more than X’s and O’s – it is a platform to spread a message of faith. This article will profile legendary coaches who openly brought their Christian beliefs to the hardwood […]

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