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Easter was extra special for one Christian community in Iraq this Easter as it opened for services for the first time since being desecrated by Islamic State militants eight years ago. St. Kyriakos’ Chaldean Catholic Church, Batnaya, was attacked by IS in 2014. Militants decapitated statues, smashed the altar, and used sacred images as target […]

This hymn was written by John Mason Neale. In 1840 Neale became a minister of the Church of England. He was a man of mystical temperament, and his practices were so close to Roman Catholicism that he aroused much popular prejudice. At one time he was attacked by a mob as he was attending the […]

Charles Spurgeon was born in Kelvedon, Essex, to a family of clerics. His father and grandfather were Nonconformist ministers (meaning they weren’t Anglicans), and Spurgeon’s earliest memories were of looking at the pictures in Pilgrim’s Progress and Foxe’s Book of Martyrs. His formal education was limited, even by nineteenth-century standards: he attended local schools for a few years […]

Three-time Grammy award-winning Christian artist Michael W. Smith recently announced that he has released a new song in response to the war in Ukraine. In a press release issued April 1, Smith explained that the song, an instrumental titled “Cry of Hope,” came after he saw what was going on in Ukraine following the military assault launched […]

BY: Vanesa Pizzuto Several months ago I was on my way to central London to run some errands. Since the weather was not too bad, I decided to ride my bike to the station and take the train. Putting off Douglas I rode my urban bike, Red Arrow, to Watford Junction railway station, and secured […]

With Easter just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to stream some powerful Bible-themed movies and TV shows for your kids — films and shows that will educate, entertain and inspire. Here are six wonderful kid Easter movies for kids that will teach them the importance of Christ’s death and resurrection: THE MESSIAH: A BRICKFILM The […]

Six years ago, actor Mark Wahlberg was enjoying dinner with two priests when one of them told him a true story he couldn’t get out of his mind. It was about a young boxer who grew up in a troubled home and – after nearly dying in an accident – converted to Catholicism to become […]

Kenya-based worship leader and gospel musician Evelyn Wanjiru is expecting her first child after 10 years of prayer and waiting. Evelyn, who visited Uganda in 2019 to minister at the Viga Music Awards, announced Tuesday that together with her and her husband Agundabweni Akweyu, they have “been waiting for this season for 10 years” in […]

Are you looking for inspiring movies that will help you grow in your understanding of God, the Bible, and Jesus’ death and resurrection? If so, then look no further. The following list of the best Christian Easter movies and TV shows will leave you educated and inspired. As we journey toward Easter, learn some of the […]

It was 1936 and two friends serving together at a Sunday school conference in Alabama were at lunch, sharing what God was doing in their lives. One, a missionary to Brazil home on furlough, told the other, a hymn writer leading the music for the conference, that a health issue would keep him from returning […]

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