Five Christian sports charities sharing the Gospel in England

Written by on May 18, 2024

Sport can transcend boundaries and bring people together. There’s something about being physically active with others that fosters deep and meaningful friendships. Whether it’s evangelism through football, or discipleship at an outdoor activity week, sport offers Christians a unique opportunity to talk about Jesus.

We’ve curated a list of just a few charities using sporting activities as a means of creating friendships, developing character and sharing gospel hope.

Christians in Sport

Christians in Sport has been using sports ministry as a springboard into evangelism for over forty years. Their experience and expertise enable them to be a mentor for professional athletes and coaches in the UK.

Often people in the sports industry can be a strong voice that encourages others to speak up about their faith in Jesus. Christians in Sport are training, equipping and empowering bold witnesses for Christ, and they are helping these witnesses integrate their faith journey within a sporting career.

Rock UK Adventure Centres

Operating in a number of sites across the UK, Rock UK invests in the transformative power of outdoor activities as a means to share the gospel. They offer safe and supportive environments that give young people a unique space to explore their faith in action.

Through outdoor adventures infused with Christian values, Rock UK creates opportunities to encounter Jesus. In the midst of exciting activities, they always seek to encourage others to embark upon an even more thrilling life with Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

Sports Chaplaincy UK

Sporting communities need more than just physical support, which is where Sports Chaplaincy UK comes in. Their dedicated team of chaplains provides essential pastoral care and spiritual guidance to athletes, coaches, and sports communities across the country. They offer a listening ear, an opportunity to pray and a space where individuals involved with sport can experience the love of Christ in action.

Passion for Sport

Passion for Sport takes the gospel message beyond the sporting fields and arenas. They use multiple media platforms to share inspirational stories, testimonies and messages of real-life Christian faith. Their radio broadcasts and podcasts engage athletes and sports enthusiasts alike with uplifting content that ultimately points them towards Jesus.

They are pioneers in contributing to the spread of the gospel globally. They consistently reach those who may not be physically present in sports communities but can still be impacted by the message of faith in Jesus.

Salt Factory Sports

Salt Factory Sports is an innovative Christian sports charity that harnesses the power of physical activity to positively impact local communities. They believe that sport is a powerful tool to lead young people towards Jesus and to transform lives. Through sports-based programs and faith-based mentoring, they share the gospel with disadvantaged young people. They aim to be a catalyst for change in the lives of those who are eager to encounter the love and grace of Jesus.


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