The Kendrick Brothers: Rising Stars of the Christian Film Industry

Written by on February 16, 2024

The Kendrick Brothers—Alex, Stephen, and Shannon—are an accomplished trio of Christian filmmakers. Originally from Albany, Georgia, the brothers grew up attending church and developed a love of storytelling.

In 2002, Alex and Stephen directed their first feature film, Flywheel, on a tiny $20,000 budget. Shot in their hometown, the low-key drama explored themes of redemption. Though a box office bomb, it caught the attention of big-name producer Affirm Films.

Their breakout success came with Facing the Giants in 2006. The heartwarming football film centered on faith, courage, and overcoming adversity. Made for only $100,000, it grossed over $10 million—a rarity for Christian cinema. Critics took notice of the Kendricks’ raw talent behind the camera.

In subsequent films like Fireproof and Courageous, the brothers tackled difficult topics facing Christian families with sincerity and soul. Distributed through mainstream channels, their movies found crossover appeal and introduced Christian themes to wider audiences.

Outside of directing, Alex and Stephen co-founded Kendrick Brothers Productions and co-own their production company, Affirm Films. They also run their own movie studio and theater in Albany.

Through it all, the Kendrick Brothers have remained committed to using their platform to spread positive, faith-based messages without compromise. Their box office success and accolades prove uplifting stories can find mainstream acclaim. Their films have inspired countless viewers globally.

While continuing to grow in experience with each new project, the Kendrick Brothers have undoubtedly left their mark on Christian cinema. They are pioneering how faith is portrayed on the big screen.

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