San Francisco Church Allows Homeless To Sleep Overnight

Written by on June 2, 2019

Imagine coming to your church on Sunday and finding someone sleeping in the pew, well this is not a shock to members of St. Boniface church in San Francisco who opened their doors almost 15 years ago to the homeless in the region providing bedrooms.

Each day hundreds of people make their way to the church and once there they are given blankets and use the pews as their beds. When people walk into the church, there are no questions asked, and this removes all of the barriers. People do not have to sign intake forms or any sign-sheets, and no one is ever turned away. It is said that everyone is welcomed at the church; they are treated with dignity and respect. The church also remains open for those wanting to attend church in the day

The project, which was founded in 2004 and is called the Gubbio Project, sees an average 90 sleepers on a given day and was started by Father Louis Vitale along with Shelly Roder, a community activist.

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