Logos: The Ultimate Bible Board Game

Written by on December 17, 2022

With families gathering to celebrate the birth of Christ, apart from going to church, and after that ‘breaking bread’ there  is a game the Wamboyes (Ernest and Waturi) have innovated a new board game called “Logos: The Ultimate Bible Board Game.”

“Logos is an idea that started in 2017. Over the years, while they were doing youth ministry, they noticed a few gaps in the mission field. From general observation, biblical illiteracy seemed to be on a steady increase, especially among urban youth and teens. Some had access to the scriptures but struggled to draw out their power for everyday living.” Said, Ernest 

Logos is a board game that promotes knowledge of the Bible. Logos is a Greek word that means divine reason. The fun-filled game aims to inspire the players to commence or revert to reading, hearing studying, memorizing, and
meditating on God’s word.

Game pieces (included): Logos board game, 126 Logos cards, 126 Urim and Thummim cards,5 playing
pieces, 2 Dice, 1 sixty-second sand timer What else you need (Not included): Pamphlet/notepad, Pen, Bible, Fun-filled spirit ☺

How many players are needed? The game can be played by 4-20 people. The game can be played by a maximum
of 5 teams with each team having 2-4 players.

The objective of the game is for each team to be the first to garner 1000 points. Points are earned by answering the
clues correctly on the Logos cards. Teams can gain or lose points based on the challenge presented on the Urim and
Thummim cards. Teams can also gain or lose points based on the traps and favors they encounter as they move
around the board game.

The winning 1000-point mark is considered only after a round of playing is complete. A team that reaches 1000 can only be declared the winner after all players have played that round. If more than one team crosses the 1000-point mark after a complete round, the winner is the team with the higher points.

How to play

Place the Logos cards in the selected area on the board. Do the same with the Urim and Thummim cards. Each team will choose a playing piece. The play pieces are colored differently to distinguish teams. All play pieces in play will be placed at the START square. One player will play the role of overseer. The overseer’s work is to keep score and tally the points of the various teams. You will require a pen and pamphlet/notepad for this. Ideally, an overseer should not participate in a team (for fairness’ sake). However, teams can choose a trustworthy overseer who can play and oversee at the same time.

The starting team rolls the dice and advances their play piece on the board based on the number of dots indicated on the dice. The player that rolled the dice then picks two Logos cards and examines the names written on them. The player should face away from the team so that they do not see the names on the card.

The player has 10 seconds to examine the cards (The overseer can count to ten or use a timer). After the ten seconds, the player has 60 seconds to give clues to his/her team concerning the words on the Logos cards. The 60 seconds will be measured by the sand timer. The player may use speech and actions to give clues.

The player may not say the answer on the card in full or part to give a clue to his/her team. However, he or she may not state that the answer starts with a certain letter. Also, he or she may not point at an object to give the clue. The player is not limited in the number of clues they can give their team.

All answers that score points must be given within a timed 60-second period. The overseer will play the role of time-keeping. No answers will be considered if they are given after the 60-second period.

Logos is a great resource for family devotions, hangouts with friends, holiday plans, church retreats, youth camps, and game nights. Logos will be available starting this December (a perfect Christmas gift).

“Logos: The Ultimate Bible Board Game” is trademarked by the Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI) under class 28 (Goods and Services section- Games and Playthings). It is also a copyrighted work by the Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO) in the artistic works category.

You can get your game by sending Kes 4900 to Mpesa Paybill Number: 204 634 Account: Logos (It will read THE RELATIONSHIP CTR via Mpay). Once you make your payment, fill in this online form and we shall deliver the game to you: https://www.penstrokes.co.ke/logos/

Plans are underway in the new year to have it available online for those not living in Kenya.

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