Discovering Calling For Louise.

Written by on April 9, 2024

For Louise, a Dance graduate in London, her time at university became a transformative period of exploring her faith and discovering her true calling.

Excitement filled Louise’s heart when she secured a place at Kingston University to pursue her passion for Dance. The university provided her with a platform to study, hone her skills, and explore the diverse applications of her art form.

However, navigating her identity as a follower of Jesus amidst the challenges of university life proved to be a test. Adjusting to a new environment, making new friends, and deepening her relationship with Jesus posed hurdles on her faith journey. Growing up, Louise had always found solace and belonging within her family’s church. Yet, after moving out and taking up weekend work, attending church became increasingly difficult. While she was fortunate to have a Christian flatmate who became a lifelong friend, there were few Christians on her course, making it challenging for her to openly discuss her faith. Thankfully, her home church provided unwavering support throughout her university years, remaining connected and consistently praying for her.

Amidst the struggles with Christian connections, Louise discovered a burgeoning passion for working with young people. Her work experience in schools ignited a desire within her to support the next generation as they navigated their own paths. Simultaneously, she held a deep conviction to utilize her Dance degree once she graduated. She longed for an opportunity to work alongside fellow believers, combining her love for dance with her heart for young people. It was a youth leader from her home church who reached out to her about a position with a Christian organization called KICK, with a vision to transform young lives through sport and support. The prospect of using her dance skills, nurturing her passion for young people, and being part of a faith-filled team resonated deeply with her.

Now employed as a Dance Coach and mentor at KICK, Louise finds joy in connecting with young people in schools across the area and sharing her passion and faith with them. Every day, she feels blessed to have the opportunity to make a difference in their lives. Within her school sessions, Louise does her best to authentically express her faith, even if it’s simply through leading by example. At KICK, the team focuses on a different value each month, incorporating the fruits of the Spirit into their sessions. As a Dance teacher, Louise has the privilege of selecting the music for her sessions, and she intentionally incorporates gospel music whenever possible. It’s been a remarkable experience for Louise, exploring creative ways to engage young people with faith. Being a Christian presence for these individuals, a presence she herself yearned for during her university years, holds tremendous significance for her. Five years into her journey with KICK, Louise remains grateful for the support and growth she has experienced, as she lives out the callings that began to flourish during her time at university.

Recognizing that the university years serve as a pivotal launching pad into a life of faith and mission, it is crucial to encourage and disciple students in embracing the multifaceted callings that God places on their hearts. As we engage with and support university students within our cities, we must inspire them to wholeheartedly pursue their unique callings, empowering them to impact the world around them with their God-given gifts and passions.

Credit: Kick UK

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