Discover the 8 Habits that Will Make You a Stronger Leader

Written by on May 2, 2024

All great leaders share certain traits that allow them to consistently develop and achieve at higher levels. These traits, or habits, can be learned and integrated to grow into a highly effective leader. Get Craig Groeschel’s easy-to-reference guide outlining eight of the habits great leaders have in common. Start applying them in your life and leadership today.

Habit #1: Wake Up With Purpose

Top performers start each day deliberately by waking up at the time they intend without hitting snooze. This habit gives high achievers full control over their mornings to maximize productivity from the beginning.

Habit #2: Plan For What Matters Most

Effective leaders pre-decide on core priorities so distracting tasks don’t displace important goals. Taking time to plan ensures top-tier leaders allocate energy strategically where it counts.

Habit #3: Do the Right Thing

Face hard decisions with courage and integrity by choosing solutions that may be more difficult now but create better outcomes long-term. Principled leaders endure short-term pain for long-term gain.

Habit #4: Lead With Empathy

Put people first in every interaction by understanding others’ perspectives before asserting your own. You-first leadership fosters respect, loyalty and high performance from teams.

Habit #5: Never Cut Corners

Don’t stop until the job is fully complete, delivering results of the highest quality possible. Touching the line separates adequate performance from excellence.

Habit #6: Exceed Expectations

Go above and beyond through extra effort, finding ways to add greater value. Top achievers exceed norms and raise the bar higher through consistent over-performance.

Habit #7: Fuel Your Fire

Stay passionate long-term by actively encouraging yourself and reigniting motivation for your mission. Fueling inner drive is key to sustained superior leadership over the years.

Habit #8: Never Quit

Complete what you start with resilience and follow-through. Commitment to finishing strong sets apart true leaders who can always be counted on.

These 8 proven habits will empower you to develop into a stronger, more effective leader capable of driving consistent success. Implementing them provides a solid foundation and framework to continuously grow and achieve.

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