Agricultural Monastic Community Of Togo.

Written by on February 20, 2022

Today’s tale takes us to Dzogbegan Monastery in Togo. This Monastic community was founded by French Fathers in 1961 and they allow guests to sleep here and also dine with monks.

The monastery has a picturesque environment and you are guaranteed your peace and can also join in on the daily prayers. The Abbey en -cancalcat monks from France were sent to Togo to set up a monastery and grow the monk community in 1961, the monks were successful as they had constructed monastery buildings in a year. 

They commenced their outreach to the communities by engaging in agricultural activities, opening a hospital. By 1972, the monastic community-sponsored agricultural training and development programs were active in thirty villages.

An agricultural training center with the specific goal of training young local farmers was established at the monastery itself. The Agricultural outreach training program takes up 10 Togolese trainees annually.

The monks self-sustain through farming and value addition. When they first arrived, they cleared land and cultivated coffee and fruit, set up a fish pond, and also breed cattle. Currently, they produce jam, syrup, and marmalade.

The monastery church was however completed and consecrated in 1970. Later on, a guest house was built and opened to the public.

The monks provide healthcare to the surrounding villages, employment, and training in agricultural activities, and in return, the community provides grounds for retreats, recollection, and for bible liturgical sessions.

You want to marvel at the good things Christianity brings forth and sit down for some peace and quiet, Togo Monastic Community might be your go-to place.

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