A Partnership for Unity: The Founding of Lavington United Church

Written by on May 3, 2024

In the rapidly growing community of post-WWII Nairobi, religious leaders saw an opportunity to model Christian cooperation. This spirit of ecumenism led to the founding of Lavington United Church in 1960.

Response to a Changing City

As Nairobi expanded in the 1950s with new European and African residents, small prayer groups formed around housing developments. When land was donated by Buchanan Estates, the Anglican, Presbyterian and Methodist denominations envisioned a united church rather than compete over separate buildings.

Overcoming Doubt with God’s Vision

Representatives from ACK, PCEA and MCK courageously agreed to use one plot for a combined congregation under Methodist governance. Though some doubted inter-denominational union could succeed, inspired leaders signed an agreement and construction began in 1959. God guided their efforts to ensure all felt welcomed at Lavington Church.

A Legacy of Unity in Diversity

On June 4, 1960, Sir Patrick Renison officially opened the completed building. Over 60 years later, the partnership endures – a testimony to early leaders who prioritized Christian fellowship over divisions. Lavington United stands as a living landmark of Protestant cooperation against the backdrop of colonial Kenya’s development.


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