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Transition is the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another. It is also to undergo a process or period of change. For many people, the end and the being of the year is the end and beginning of a transition, a change from one condition to another. That is why most people take this time to evaluate how the year has been and make resolutions that will transition them into the new year. The most common phrase we use during this period is ‘New Year, New Me.’ We always want to transition to better people at the turn of the new year. One thing to note about transition is that it is a process of adapting to the change we want to make in our lives.

Transition is that it is a process of adapting to the change we want to make in our lives

You will do well to understand when one is going through a transition, what it will take, and the cost. Otherwise, the resolutions of change will remain as just things you would wish to do and never move. As Christians, we do not have to face transition alone. There are many examples of successful transitions in the bible that we can look to for help and encouragement. From Abraham in Genesis 12-17, Joseph in Genesis 37-41, Paul in Acts 9, and many more.

The first thing to understand about transition is that it doesn’t start with the new year because God is not bound by time as we know it. For the transition to start, we need to recognize the season in our lives, what changes need to happen, and what the process will look like for us. God’s will has to be in the process. Otherwise, you will make changes that God’s favor is not in.

When it comes to transition, we need to exercise discernment. Remember that not all transition is God-ordained, even when circumstances seem favorable. One thing to do when faced with a decision to transition in our lives is to weigh the pros and cons and prayerfully consider our options. We should be sure that we are making an informed decision so that our transition will bring glory to God and benefit those around us. As believers, we must also ensure that we honor God and stay true to his word.

Mistakes people make in transition are looking back. It’s easy to look back fondly on the past, but during times of transition, it is essential to stay focused on the present and future. Looking back can prevent you from seeing God’s plans for your life and blind you to any potential mistakes you make in the present. Following our desires instead of the Holy Spirit is another mistake we make. It is easy to get caught up in our wants and desires, but it is essential to try and listen to God instead. In line with this, ignoring or dismissing God’s guidance can lead you away from his will. Transition can be great if we take the necessary steps to reach our goal. Do not be unnecessarily focused on the result but on the small steps toward it. It is important to remember things take time.

God is with us; he was with Abraham when he had to leave his family and everything so that he may follow God. Even though it was a difficult transition, Abraham chose to obey and follow God’s lead. We learn to trust God in our transition. No transition or situation is too hard for God. He can take even the most difficult circumstances and turn them around for our good and his glory. Learn to lean on God as he guides you through your transition.

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