According to the Oxford Dictionary, prayer is a solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God or another deity. It is also a religious service, especially a regular one where people gather to pray. Lastly is an earnest hope or wish. For Christians, prayer is communication with God. We do this by […]

Ash Wednesday is one of the liturgical calendar’s most popular and paramount holy days. Ash Wednesday opens Lent, a season of fasting and prayer. Ash Wednesday, officially known as the Day of Ashes, is a day of repentance when Christians confess their sins and profess their devotion to God. This day is a solemn reminder […]

We have heard about the secret place, and many bible teachers refer to it. But what is the secret place, and why is it important for believers to have such a place? The secret place is implied throughout the word, as some translations use the word shelter, covering, or dwelling. In the Old Testament, the […]

Psalm 20 is a unique kind of royal Psalm, a prayer for a king about to go into battle, in this case, King David. In ancient Israel, entering a battlefield was always an extremely spiritual thing. This Psalm is a prayer and a thanksgiving for the king. In Psalm 20: 1-4, we see a prayer […]

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