I Will Bring You More Than A Song.

Written by on May 31, 2024

Last evening while listening to a sermon on Missions, the Lord quickened my heart to a reality check I would have easily bypassed myself for.

In that instance, the story of the prodigal son began to convict me that the prodigal son represents all who would bear His blessing only to use it outside His kingdom, and worse still to have enjoy it around the unholy trinity Me , Myself and I. Was I a prodigal in this regard? Yes.

Has the Lord saved me? yes, am I invested in His kingdom courtesy of this blessing?

Am I concerned that He is building His kingdom and I am blessed for this sake?

Oh, what about that beautiful 8-5 job with a small side hustle on the side giving streams of income only for me to tithe and happily satisfy myself that the Lord’s portion(tithe) has been given?

Oh and what about my 1 hour daily spent in a prayer closet only for me to magnify, exemplify and center my prayer around ME? And what about this singlehood I am worried and wishing away because it’s simply not giving for ME?

Did I just run away with a title deed with my name on it and only my ambitions carefully built upon it? 

Oops did I just get all these additional allowances and in an instance what needs came to mind, MINE?

Oh and why was I unavailable for that mission training, because I was having ME time.

Yes, I could not witness to this neighbor or that stranger because I………I could write on and on everything that kept ringing on my mind.

And in what seemed like a short I began to grasp the reality of what Lordship is about, Jesus Christ.

Michael W. Smith sang a truth that we have often marked off as a good song and not a diagnosis of a saint whose true Lordship is being brought to light. 

That instead of their heart they are concerned about appearance. That in the deepest altar of the heart, the worship of self is going on nonstop, while we falsely exude a 2-hour Sunday worship to God. That in all our seeking, God is simply a means. That in all our giving, God is really lucky to have our 10%. And in His mission to save the world, He is lucky to have spectators with smartphones who will like and comment on work that’s ongoing by other faithful stewards with minimal participation as we exercise uninterrupted devotion to selfish ambitions.

That in the ground where the gospel reigned supreme, it is now replaced by trophies that are exalting self.

The song is not a song, it is an invitation by God to reflect on Lordship. To weep loudly over prodigal hands that labor all day for things that matter less to Him. To break down over our prodigal prayers that no longer intercede for the unreached but only for what concerns our bellies. To be deeply sorrowful of our prodigal hearts that have made SELF the new sherriff in town. To be torn apart by our prodigal ears that are itching to hear the self-revolving sermon of affirmations whilst paying little regard to the Good News that gives freedom  filled  identity.

When we begin to live and move like It is all about Him, our chief goal as John Piper rightly puts is to glorify Him and enjoy Him forever.

John Gathuku Kibunga(the preacher of the sermon mentioned) went on to conclude the sermon by summarizing true Lordship as where Christ orients us to His agenda, Owns everything we have,  overwhelms us in His greatness and power and where Christ is obeyed COMPLETELY.

Oh that this may be true of us, especially me.


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