Heroic Stranger Defies All Obstacles To Save 2 Children From Burning Building.

Written by on March 2, 2022

Two children in Mesa, Arizona are alive and well thanks to the heroic efforts of a man who wishes to remain anonymous. It all started late on a Friday morning when a fire broke out in their apartment building. The area was quickly swarmed by police and firefighters, but it was a stranger who happened to be getting his car washed next door who leaped into action!

Upon hearing that there were children trapped inside, the man jumped over a 6-foot fence and scaled a wall to get to a first-floor window. A police officer handed him a rock, and he smashed the window and climbed inside. Seconds later, he carried out a 2-year-old and passed her to safety. But he wasn’t done yet!

Rushing inside the burning building, he pulled a 6-year-old from the smoke-filled hallway. Officer Jon Forrest said the man “put his life on the line for these children.”

This brave stranger didn’t want any praise or recognition for saving two lives. Humility like that is so rare! Watch his heroic actions in the video below

Real heroes don’t wear capes. In fact, sometimes they don’t even want any recognition for their good deeds!

Credit: inspiremore.com

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