5 Christian Religious Documentaries You Should Watch

Written by on February 9, 2022

Well-known Christians often have stories of overcoming the odds and exhibiting perseverance, with some putting their focus on inspiring and uplifting the masses through rhetorical means. From touching personal stories to powerful acts that have transformed the faithful, the Christian documentaries in this list offer plenty of lessons for us all.

Our list has stories of well-known Christians throughout history and today — people who have made a transformational impact for Jesus. Others deal with important topics worth exploring.

1. Witness To Hope: The Life Of John Paul II

The late Pope John Paul II was one of the world’s greatest proponents of religious freedom and human rights.

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2.Scalia: Portrait Of A Man And Jurist

“Scalia: Portrait of a Man and Jurist” is a feature documentary examining the judicial life, influence and legacy of the controversial and influential Supreme Court Justice Antonino Scalia

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3. Apostle Peter And The Last Supper

Simon Peter is one of the most transformative figures in the Christian faith. His life and legacy teach us important lessons about faith, doubt, forgiveness, and plenty more. As one of Christ’s first followers, Peter had ups and downs — but those experiences, as told through the New Testament, create an important connection to us all.

Peter made mistakes — like denying Christ three times — but his devotion to the faith was lived out, with Jesus placing him at the center of the growing and robust church. Peter’s legacy lives on 2,000 years later. While “Apostle Peter and the Last Supper” isn’t a documentary per se, it tells a powerful story worth exploring.

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4. Rockin On Heavens Door

Very famous rockers who love Jesus share their life of faith and inspiration. How they persevered and the strength they have through their faith.

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5. Tim Tebow: On A Mission

Tim Tebow is known as a Heisman winner, college football champion, former NFL player, and baseball player. But perhaps the attribute that has most differentiated him is his Christian faith. From donning Bible verses on his face during games to kneeling and praying on the field, Tebow quickly became a mainstay in evangelical circles.

Tebow’s faith is the underpinning of everything he does, offering an excellent example of humility, reliance upon the Almighty during tough times, and so much more.

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