Is your Church’s “theme for the year” really from God?

Written by on January 14, 2022

Is your Church’s “theme for the year” really from God?

As the New Year starts, churches in my country roll out themes for the year. Most of these themes are rolled out in vigils as churches cross into the New Year together. The themes are often things that God is saying to the local church to guide them for the rest of the year. While it is encouraging that men and women gather to worship and hear from God as the year begins, there are often a few looming concerns that one would easily observe.

Now, I must start by saying that the local church is God’s plan for establishing His Kingdom and that is not about to change. God’s plan was for the local church to stand and for the Kingdom of Hades to not prevail over it (Matthew 16:18). God is not going to write a new Bible for our generation; the plan is the local church and we better get on board with it and make it work. However, as I looked at several themes from several churches, I couldn’t help but ask myself a number of questions:


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