How Comedian Michael Jr. Is Using His Life & Work To Serve Others

Written by on February 8, 2022

Michael Jr. in a recent interview with Kirk Cameron on “Takeaways,” shared how he pushes himself to find how he can serve others and what they need when they come to one of his shows or watch one of his movies.

“What I’ve learned and I tell my students this all the time, is instead of focusing on what you should do, the key is to ask the question of ‘who should you serve?’” the “War Room” and “Selfie Dad” actor said. “If you can figure out the people who you’re called to serve … your people are the people who, when you see what’s going on when you see what’s happening to them, you say to yourself ‘somebody needs to do something about that.’”

Watch the full interview here:

To love God and love your neighbor could very well be the mission statement of any Christian. But comedian and actor Michael Jr. is putting it into practice.

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