Facebook group where love is the currency that transacts.

Written by on July 25, 2020

The COVID 19 pandemic has inflicted distress and adversity to many and as Christians, we naturally find ourselves wondering just as Jeremiah did with so much sorrow for his people when he asked: “Is there no balm in Gilead?”
In the wake of the Novel Corona Virus, many people have promptly lost their source of income, loved ones, and valuable property.

Irene Karanja, found herself in a modern-day Gilead, during her candid interview on bloom radio, she talked of time amidst the pandemic when she was in a bit of financial distress with fewer resources and no money to clothe her son who had drastically gained weight.
Irene thought to liquidate some of her assets but at a time when everybody is facing financial constraints that preferred option was off as she meditated and prayed for healing, she felt a deep voice earnestly urging her to give and not sell what she didn’t require and Balm of Love was born.
Balm of love represents an online-based community where items are traded-off or donated, one typically requires an invite and in turn, has to invite one other person to be a member.
In just two weeks the Facebook group has garnered over 500 members and a reasonable amount of apparel, shoes, diapers, and houseware has been traded or donated. Irene Karanja wisely says, “Balm of love offers you social space where you voluntarily give and receive from a place of love.”

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