Ernest Wamboye Releases a new book titled “Unmasking LGBTQ”

Written by on June 13, 2024

Ernest Wamboye is thrilled to announce the release of his new book, “Unmasking LGBTQ.” This book is the result of his journey in ministry and his deep desire to address the important issues surrounding the LGBTQ movement.

When Ernest first answered the call to full-time ministry in 2016, he felt compelled to start a men’s pornography addiction recovery class called Powerhouse. Having personally battled with porn addiction during my university days, he wanted to help others find the same freedom he had experienced. Later, his wife and him started Girl Power, a program for women facing sexual struggles.

Initially, their focus was on those struggling with porn addiction, but their classes attracted individuals with various forms of sexual baggage. They encountered people dealing with masturbation, infidelity, curiosity, and even religious leaders seeking guidance on how to support congregants and mentees with sexual addictions. However, there was another group that also sought our help – individuals identifying as LGBTQ.

As they delved into the stories of those who identified as LGBTQ, it became clear that this was a group our ministry could not ignore. Thus, the idea for “Unmasking LGBTQ” was born.

In today’s world, the LGBTQ movement is often portrayed through rainbows, sparkles, and cute boys on TV shows. However, this book aims to uncover the realities beyond the surface. It challenges the biases perpetuated by pop culture and sheds light on the uncomfortable truths surrounding the impact of the LGBTQ lifestyle.

“Unmasking LGBTQ” serves as a valuable resource for those seeking to understand the inner workings of this movement. It offers guidance to parents who may feel uncertain about how to have conversations about LGBTQ issues with their children. Additionally, it provides answers to the questions posed by mentors, coaches, and spiritual leaders who encounter followers grappling with LGBTQ topics.

Furthermore, this book brings hope to individuals confused about their sexual identity, while emphasizing the importance of embracing biblically grounded masculinity and femininity.

Combining thorough research, biblical reflections, and moral guidance, “Unmasking LGBTQ” offers a much-needed perspective for a generation hungry for truth in the midst of sexual sin.

Pre-orders for the book are now available, and deliveries will commence on the 28th of June. The book is priced at 850 KES, with a flat rate of 350 KES for shipping within Kenya. Those in Nairobi will have the privilege of receiving their copies personally, while those outside Nairobi will have their copies delivered by Wells Fargo.

To pre-order your copy of “Unmasking LGBTQ” and be part of this important conversation, please visit: [Link to Pre-Order Page]

Ernest thanks you for your support, and looks forward to sharing this transformative book with you in June.

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