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Kirk Franklin revealed on Sunday that he chose to release his dying biological father, who gave him up for adoption, from another prison — the prison of unforgiveness. “Two days ago, I received an anonymous call that my biological father, who I never knew, has 3-6 months to live. I’ve lived my entire life hating this […]

Ugandan musician Colifixe who makes music that inspires people all over the world is back with “Way Maker.” Four months ago, he dropped the dancehall Shida Zero (Hallelujah) that got many people dancing again and again. Three hours ago he took to Twitter to announce the release of “Way Maker.” NEW-SONG-OUT #WAY_MAKER The #GOD Who Made a Way For the Others […]

The family gospel trio “The Martins” will be realeasing their new album titled ‘Still Standing’ on 13th July 2018. This will be their 14th album. Nearly 30 years into their music ministry, The Martins are still enjoying the experience of singing, recording and performing more than ever, but that doesn’t mean everything’s always been rosy for the eight-time […]

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